About Appropriate


Why yet another website?  Why Useful Concept?

The short answer is we have something to say, so why not say it?

The longer answer is that for a long time we have wanted to put together a place where we can compile what may on the outside seem like unrelated topics into a broader overarching theme.  We want to talk about something that we find is useful.

That gets into an interesting subject area.  Let’s not get all Robert Pirsig and explore the metaphysics of usefulness.  Instead lets keep it simple and use as our guide.

Useful Synonyms:
Advantageous, appropriate, convenient, effective, favorable, fruitful, good, handy, helpful, practical, pragmatic, profitable, proper, suitable

Ok there we go.  Anything posted here needs to answer to some aspect of usefulness.  In fact lets tag the posts that way.

In the posts ahead we will cover crypto, NFT games, gardening, music recording, freelancing, barn projects, parenting and who knows what else.  We hope you enjoy the show.


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